Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Skaters

Photo by Bruce Barone.
… This leaving-out business. On it hinges the very importance of what's novel
Or autocratic, or dense or silly. It is as well to call attention
To it by exaggeration, perhaps. But calling attention
Isn't the same thing as explaining, and as I said I am not ready
To line phrases with the costly stuff of explanation, and shall not,
Will not do so for the moment. Except to say that the carnivorous
Way of these lines is to devour their own nature, leaving
Nothing but a bitter impression of absence, which as we know involves presence, but still.
Nevertheless these are fundamental absences, struggling to get up and be off

~excerpt from "The Skaters," John Ashbery (1966)

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  1. your fotos have somethings special... this one for example is so beautifull... so nice to see this

  2. This pic is sunning nd the ones with the roses brilliant.

  3. First off, I love this photograph. And then the title at play with no skaters present, and then it is driven home with the excerpt from The Skaters. All in all, wonderful Bruce.

    Really really enjoy that photo. Wouldn't even mind if those trees were blurred. What is important is the ice - skaters or no. Story persists.


  4. Again, thanks for the awesome picture

  5. Where did they go, I'm a little worried. I hope they didn't fall in.

    The trees are symmetrical, amazing. And the patterns in the ice very lovely. Perfect in black and white. Just beautiful.

    Ashbery's lines remind me of Stevens:

    nothing himself, beholds
    Nothing that is not there and the nothing that is.

  6. very nice photo but your selection of the quote was truly a master's stroke. I savored quite a bit of time pondering your juxtaposition of image and text. Thanks.

  7. So often your photographs remind me of places I've been, even when I know I haven't been there at all. But I could swear I know that slope, those trees, the feel and sound of that very ice under the blades of my skates.

    Thank you, Bruce.


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