Monday, April 11, 2011

Portrait of Courtney

Courtney. Photo by Bruce Barone.


If you want events in your life documented or are looking for distinctive nature, portrait or wedding photography--photography with soul that inspires you
to live a more artful and beautiful life,


  1. & now very Upstairs Downstairs- Lady Percy. I think this young lady should apply to the UK and the British broadcasting Co- She has the Face-is she an aspiring actress? I do hope so- pgt

  2. Love every single thing about this photo.

  3. this is so retor, I like a lot the colours of the car together with the soft yellow of the dress.....

  4. Gaye, she is a friend and fellow photographer.

    Yes, the window is broken; the car is a wreck.

  5. This is really inspiring as a portrait. Thanks for sharing.

  6. !!!!!

    i squee! wow. i hope it was as beautiful in being there in that moment as this photograph conveys. what an opportunity! for each of you.



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