Monday, July 4, 2011

Self Portrait

In my garden
cutting lettuce for salad

Self Portrait. July 3, 2011

Served the salad with
grilled asparagus
grilled Sockeye Salmon
and smashed red potatoes with basil from the garden:

Photo by Bruce Barone.

July 4, 2011
we will be celebrating in our backyard with friends & family.
Beer, Wine, Ice Tea
Grilled Corn on the Cob with Lime Butter
Grilled Steaks with Stubbs sauce
Potato Salad
Vegetable Salad
Plum Flan
Spice Cake

And you?

Happy Fourth of July!

Wave your free flag high!



  1. I think I should join your food blog instead :-)

  2. sounds yummy & love the pics! enjoy your 4th Bruce! (no doubt you will with that menu)

    Heidi & Atticus

  3. Well, yum. Wish I could join you!
    And that's a most impressive garden.
    Happy, Happy 4th!


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