Saturday, January 26, 2013

Woman Putting On A Shoe


  1. Love this one Bruce. And, if I'm being truthful, I also like her legs - LOTS :-) Nicely captured!

  2. see! i find this terribly intriguing. i love that we can't see her face but we do see her mouth. there seems to be such concentration. her legs, while beautiful, seem so young, and yet you call her woman. and even the sweater seems large on her. i find perversity and tension between this photo and title, the second pair of shoes off to the right driving this home. i am almost uncomfortable but in this i find solace in artistry. i love it. of course, i want more.

    (and the two men behind the scenes talking of legs:) and who knows what dfff means? :) of course you must love her legs and all that is suggested here. a great many people might be on the verge of being broken set before what seems to be a simple photograph but rather encapsulates great sexual tension.)


  3. great comment erin

    thank you

    she was around 23 when i took it

    lots more


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