Friday, April 27, 2018

Live Artfully

I received my first issue of Galerie Magazine yesterday. The Spring issue. The magazine was launched in 2016, I believe, and the present Editor-in-Chief is Margaret Russell, the former editor of Elle Décor and Architectural Digest.

According to promotional literature, Galerie Magazine "is a quarterly publication that engages readers who have a passion for art and design. Its distinctive coverage informs and inspires—delivering the finest in art, interiors, and architecture, plus compelling creative talents and fascinating destinations."

It is inspiring and informative.

Here I am holding my copy in our living room. The photo color is a bit off---it was dark and raining; but don't worry, I am about to share some photos of our home.

Why? Because of the magazine's Tagline which is "Live Artfully." I just love this and it so reflects the way my wife, Susan, and I live with our dog, Freddy, a mini-labradoodle, and out cat, Nadine, a calico.

Now that you met the children, let's talk about how we Live Artfully;

There is the kitchen table
round, a place
of gratitude
of grace
Thank You God
for these gifts before us

The food before us

The many books

The art

The colors  on the walls

The bathroom

The office

The Dining Room

The flowers and our garden

Doing our best to live our lives Artfully!

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