Sunday, December 12, 2010


I saw the above at StoneGable and wanted to share it.

Have you ever heard the Hallelujah Chorus in church or a concert hall? I have.

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  1. I shared this same video with my family because I knew they would love it. I didn't realize until recently how I had exposed them to all types of music and art and so much more.

    I wish I had been here for this. My son said, "We would have stood up and pretended we knew the lyrics" to which I replied, "Or just jumped in on the 'hallelujah' parts."

  2. Lovely & so moving!
    I had the opportunity to go to Israel with my family years ago & we sang this song in an old church! I shall remember those moments, Bruce.

  3. S-I so happy to hear you shared it with your family!

    I-My pleasure!

    PTE-Same here.

    L-That must have been an AMAZING experience!!!

  4. That was so amazing! Thanks for sharing it with us!



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