Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Spiritual Connection

Alice's Mom writes:

"Oh Bruce, I just can't get over how beautiful this photo is, and how you managed to capture that expression of her's I've never been able to in the hundreds of photos I've taken....You really captured her personality so so well."
 This is the photo Alice's Mom wrote about, which is now featured on my Homepage. I like this one, too:

When asked how I do what I do so successfully--photographing people; how I am able to connect, I answer "I think I have a spiritual connection with people. I love people. People love me. People trust me."

This is one of my favorite portraits and I believe she trusted me in her nakedness to shows her self, her beauty, scars and all:
I need to find a way to photograph more people. As someone said a few entries back:

"I guess there is a reason people pay to get portraits taken......stunning......it also takes a very special artist to make such a portrait. The connection and human understanding are vital. I expect that few people truly have such an opportunity--to see their souls in their own faces."


  1. You love for photographing people, making that connection really comes through. These are images I could look at everyday and never get bored. So much LIFE!

  2. you should come to the city and photograph me some more :)


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