Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Garden

Nothing, it seems to me, could be more beautiful (and more easier to experience), than upon waking, is to make a pot of coffee, wander out into the yard, Nadine at my side, and sit at the picnic table, give thanks for the abundance in my small garden and whether spoken aloud or silently--or written down; as I did this morning--affirm that I am centered in Spirit and I am at peace. Through my imagination and my deliberate and daily effort to slow down and see ("Absolute attention is prayer," said Simone Weil), I am picturing the good I want to bring into my life. Today and everyday I expect the best. Wonderful things are happening to me now (more about this next week).
Today and everyday, I prosper as I help and inspire others.

Monet said, "My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece."

Do you have a flower or vegetable garden? If so, what do you love to grow? What is your masterpiece?

If you would like to fill your home with beautiful photographs, or need a portrait, a wedding photographed or if you are an interior designer and need photographs of your projects, contact me for a consultation.

Drawing on that degree in Art History, a passion for telling stories, and years working as a portrait and documentary photographer (And owning an Art Gallery) helps me bring a heightened sensitivity to my photography. Let's make the world a more beautiful place! 

Be inspired!

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