Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Garden View

June 29, 2011
looking out my study window:

Photo by Bruce Barone.

Almost all I have learned
about gardening and landscape design
I have learned from my dear friend
A Garden View.


Who moved my chair and table???!!!
And who is that man
sitting in my garden
reading a book
and drinking a beer???!!

The first two people 
to correctly identify that man
AND the book he is reading
will win a free photo album
and a 5x7 print from me.
Bonus points for identifying the beer!



  1. Might I guess the author of this blog as usurper to this garden? I had to go back to see how your garden is growing back some pages-and it is soaring! pgt

  2. The man is you... the book is a mystery (literally, because I have no idea what it is)... is the beer a John Adams?

  3. You do pose yourself, in your June 19 Post's selfportrait, reading the same book - no hat then - same shoes, same trousers.
    Otherwise I would have thought it was your brother Dennis, the writer. I remembered having seen him at your blog too (like if it were a street in Paris) sitting by your house door, reading Parallel lines, his new book.

  4. Oh I'd forgotten about the beer!
    It must be a Guinness, with the little harp on the label.

  5. You've done it. Visualized AND created every inch of your garden.

    No surprise it's a garden for the camera, kitchen, happiness.

    XO T

  6. Yes; it is me.

    And I will post the book's name over at my food blog this weekend.

    I so wanted to giveaway a gift!

    Thank You all for visiting my garden!!!

  7. :)... (i got here too late!!)

  8. I will guess the man is father of the bride, beer bud light and reading a cook book LOL?

    I found you over on My Old Historic House blog by Richard & Sissy



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