Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Walk Around Our Yard On A Rainy Saturday

Will you join me?
It's not raining too hard.

My garden looked pretty in the rain.

Let's walk and see the pretty flowers.

Some of us don't mind the rain at all!

It was a beautiful day to catch up on some ironing, too!

Later in the day, it stopped raining long enough to get some weeding done!

When I was done weeding and the rain started to fall
again, I sat in the study and looked out the window
at the garden.

Did you enjoy your walk with me?
I hope so!



  1. Beautiful garden, gorgeous flowers and... Oh! that violet fence!!!
    So generous of you to show us around your rain drops' sparkling garden!

  2. I did enjoy it! Love the color contrast of your yard... beautiful.

    And what a lovely room to iron in- perfect light... perfect view :).

  3. can i say, this occurs to me, do you see how much control there is in your days? do you see that, bruce? i wonder. i see it in almost all of your photos. perhaps all. even in the stepping stones in your garden.

    i wonder if your knees get dirty.

    forgive me for i have some kind of disorder that pushes me past formal things. do your knees get dirty?



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