Wednesday, January 4, 2012

An Amazing Story

I am sharing with you
an email I received yesterday
as it is quite moving:

"Greetings. First of all, I want to tell you how much I enjoy your work. I was first introduced to it when you had a showing at Awentree for one of the Artwalks. A little while ago, I had remembered the beautiful photos that you had taken of St. Brigid's Cemetery on Everett Street in Easthampton, so my Hubby and I decided to go and check it out..( We both love the peaceful Serenity of Graveyards.)
While there I noticed that my Husband had been drawn to the back of the these small crudely made stones. He was standing there with this blank look on his face....I knelt down and read the stones..which were handwritten in French..and I recognized the names on the stones. They were my Maiden name...Riel..and they were of children that had been either stillborn, or died of the influenza epidemic. I mentioned it to my Dad. He never even knew that the graves were there, even though he had been to this graveyard many times. Well, my dad did research on these graves, and these children belonged to my Great Great..Grandmother..I feel that these children wanted ,in their own way, to be remembered. So thank you for your work..and for helping these children to be remembered..."

I am blessed.
Here, an image from the exhibition, 
taken at St. Brigid's Cemetery:
If you want distinctive nature, documentary or portrait photography--photography with soul that inspires you to live a more artful and beautiful life, please contact me.


  1. what a beautiful story, so pleased you posted

  2. These connections are not accidental. What a wonderful story of discovery.

  3. and so we all are in so many mysterious ways))


  4. This was obviously meant to be. Lovely story, Bruce.

  5. Absolutely beautiful..and so inspiring. Thanks for sharing it here!!!

  6. Wow....the universe is awesome when it leads us like this.......

  7. Truly amazing letter and and how touching that it was inspired by you.


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