Tuesday, January 3, 2012

"Dennis Barone......one of the more interesting--and adventuresome--of American fiction writers"

This from a review of my brother's new book,
On The Bus: Selected Stories,
which arrived in today's mail
and which I immediately started to read.
Self Portrait. January 3, 2011
I should add 
the cover photograph is by me

Let's read what Gray Jacobik writes about my brother's book:

"I love this book! Dennis Barone is a genius.
The verbal, rhetorical, gestural, imaginative resources he orchestrates--
or is it choreographs?--or is it paints--in
On The Bus: Selected Stories,
exhilarate at every turn
(riffs, digressions, conflations, elaborations, subtractions, puns, and so on),
tumble forth pell-mell, helter-skelter, topsy-turvy......
it's a celebration of language quo language married to the texture of existence."

My brother, Dennis Barone,
is the author or editor of twenty-two books,
professor of English and director of the American Studies program at Saint Joseph College 
and the former poet laureate of West Hartford, CT.


  1. What a pair of creative brothers!!

  2. this is most definitely a book to put on my list, bruce. and look at you, the proud brother. wonderful!

    and you mentioned he was a book of poetry, too. i should look for this one day, as well.

    (great cover, bruce!)



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