Friday, June 3, 2011

Western Massachusetts Landscape

On my way home from the photography studio
yesterday, I stopped at the park
down the street from where we live:

Mittineague Park. West Springfield, MA. June 2, 2011. Photo by Bruce Barone.

The day after a tornado touched down in Western Massachusetts.



  1. This is gorgeous. I can hear the breeze rustling the grass.

  2. Quite a photograph. The calm following the storm. You have captured Mother Nature beautifully.

  3. this looks familiar to me, bruce. and just now thinking on this i realize how often i don't look up and see, truly see what is before me. the other day as we drove i saw over the horizon black rolling hills like this, distant. in my mind i know they're there, but often i forget to experience them. it makes me wonder what else i am missing in life.



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