Monday, September 20, 2010

Autumn and Interior Design

This morning I was thinking how inspired I am by Autumn colors.

I was thinking how the rooms of our home reflect Autumn colors.

Our dining room; painted "Get Back Jack" from C2Paint--Susan and I call it our Black Cherry Soda room.

Window treatments are arriving soon from our friend and interior designer, Anne Lubner. And here, a wall of leaves:

Our bedroom is painted "Winding Vines" from Benjamin Moore (Again, with help from Anne Lubner! Paint color and headboard.).

That's our cat Nadine and the bed is one of her favorite places to rest, when she is not updating her Blog.

More inspiration from Nature:

I had a Vision to paint our living room red. It's "Poppy" from Benjamin Moore and that's me in the photo!

And here's another photo of Nadine, aka The Cat Nadine or Queen Nadine!

And here for more inspiration:

Are you inspired by Autumn colors? How so?

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