Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Choosing Beauty

I am re-reading a few passages from Open Your Mind to Receive by Catherine Ponder, America's foremost prosperity author.

She has written more than a dozen books which include best sellers as The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, and her Millionaires of the Bible series. She is a minister of the non-denominational Unity faith---long known as the "pioneer of positive thinking." 
Some words and passages that I find particularly helpful:

"You must be careful what you notice, talk about, or give your attention to, because that is what your are identifying with, and that is what you are inviting into your life."

Hiking path, Northampton, MA. Photo by Bruce Barone

"Whatever you notice, you are inviting into your life."

Sunset, Lower Mill Pond, Easthampton, MA. Photo by Bruce Barone

"Whatever you talk about, you are inviting into your life."

Pond, Mt Holyoke College, South Hadley, MA. Photo by Bruce Barone

"Whatever you identify with in your thoughts, words and actions, you are inviting into your life."

Sparrows in Birdbath, My Backyard. Photo by Bruce Barone

"Open your mind to receive by noticing, giving attention to, and talking about what you want to bring into your life--nothing else."

Swans, Lower Mill Pond, Easthampton, MA. Photo by Bruce Barone

"If you are not satisfied with your life, you can begin using your 'gift of prophecy' to improve your life. As you change your words, you change your world. As you improve your words, you improve your world. As you transform your words, you transform your world."

Birds Over Church, Easthampton, MA. Photo by Bruce Barone

We design the world by the way we choose to see it. I choose to see beauty and share that wonder, that astonishment, with all.

What do you see and share?

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Drawing on that degree in Art History, a passion for telling stories, and years working as a portrait and documentary photographer (And owning an Art Gallery) helps me bring a heightened sensitivity to my photography. Let's make the world a more beautiful place! 


  1. Well done Bruce and I'm making some rapid and long overdue changes in bright and beautiful directions.

    Warmly, Melissa

  2. Thank you Bruce for such a beautiful post. It could not have come at a better time. Its message is timeless and the photographs are so peaceful to view.

    Your special gift for caring and nurturing is so evident in all you do~

    Warmest hugs {{ }}



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