Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday; A Day in a Life

Woke to new snow:
Got caught up on all my ironing:
Then I made myself a BLT:
 Went with Susan to Bridal Dress store to help her choose a dress for my daughter's wedding:
We particularly loved the dresses from Dessy:
"What do you think, Bruce?" Susan said:
 Susan found a dress. Susan bought a dress. Susan was happy. We were both happy. Are happy (So sorry, no pictures until the wedding day--June 25, 2011):
Then we stopped to buy an important ingredient for dinner and the evening conversation:
Our last stop was the town library where I renewed a few books:
And I had time having fun developing some new strategies for my wedding photography:

This is what I did and documented today?
What did you do!

If you want events in your life documented or are looking for distinctive nature or portrait photography--photography with soul that inspires you
to live a more artful and beautiful life,


  1. A very productive day (mixed with some of my favorite activities- excluding the ironing:)... and I look forward to seeing her dress!

  2. Excellent day. Colorful, fun, and yes, I agree with Torrie, productive. Thank you.
    Based on those library books and your love of poetry and music, I think you might like my friend Floyd's work. Here's a place to start, if you trust my instincts: http://www.amazon.com/Selected-Poems-1970-2005-Floyd-Skloot/dp/1932195599/ref=pd_sim_b_1


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