Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Heart Grows in Holyoke

Holyoke, Massachusetts.

A new store. A palace of passion. A loft-like place of love.

A place of people who have a passion for design. A place of people who create the ultimate customer experience with love.

Love. The greatest sales and marketing tool.

How better to create, nurture and sustain relationships than through love.

The store is called "Highland House."

Highland House Design & Consignment.

The owner, Laura Kelleher and her business partner C.J. Sprong, have a passion for life and design; treating their customers with love, making them feel that they truly care about their life.

Here, come with me:

I would like to introduce you to Laura:
And please say hello to C.J.:
Let's have a look at a few things:

As recently reported in a local newspaper:

"The store offers shoppers "high style at affordable prices," said Kelleher, a native of the Paper City.  "I love design. I've never been happier in a job. I'm doing what I absolutely love doing."

"Sprong, of Ashfield, adds her interior décor, home furnishings and personal style sales experience to the enterprise in a storefront of just less than 1,000 square feet. Sprong is well known in the western Massachusetts business community for the home design stores she has run in Northampton and Springfield."

We must say goodbye:
And yes, Susan and I did make a purchase; a mirror for our dining room:
Window Treat by Anne Lubner Designs. Paint: "Get Back Jack" from C2Paint.
Highland House
918 Hampden Street
Holyoke, MA 

Do visit!
It is a place with a big heart.
And tell them Susan and Bruce sent you!

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  1. Wonderful store! You can tell they love what they're doing.

  2. A store with obviously rich delights! And being treated with love? Wow.

    I would like the rabbit with muff, rocking. Must think of future grandchildren (ha, as if it isn't pour moi).

    Your mirror looks splendid. Did this take the place of the one you were going to refinish . . . ? Or was that a frame?

  3. Pamela, Thank You!

    Ruth, No. We have a large ornate frame which I plan to restore and put a painting in and then hang it in this dining room. On the wall to the left as you enter.

  4. Bruce - Thank you for the lovely write-up and beautiful pictures. We are looking forward to having some of your work in the store.

  5. It's incredibly inspiring meeting and knowing people that earn a living by doing what they love. As you said, the love then trickles down into their product, and their service.

    Thanks for letting us visit too!



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