Thursday, February 24, 2011

Self Portrait

Wednesday, February 23, 2011. Standing next to my desk. Sunset.

If you want events in your life documented or are looking for distinctive nature, portrait or wedding photography--photography with soul that inspires you
to live a more artful and beautiful life,


  1. How interesting that you have placed yourself in the shadows of the shades. Also, my attention is drawn to the portraits and other images on the wall, in the eclectic and interesting composition there. It's as if the self-photographer is saying, "I would like to blend into the background. I want you to look at this wall by which I stand."

  2. Your portraits - and other pictures too - are magnificent. I have just joined the list of your gfriends. I will follow your blog with great interes, I wish I could learn something! Thanks for sharing all this.

  3. Yes, Ruth. There we find a painting of me by an old friend/artist (Care Perlman) in NYC, a poster from a once semi-famous bar in NYC (Tin Pan Alley), some photos of mine, a photo by a dear friend in Toronto (Alaina Burri-Stone), a bulletin board with a few photos of mine, a card from my daughter, a card from an old friend who I just heard from after many years, some postcards from the writer Mylene Dressler, a postcard of a favorite painting (Altarpiece by Roger Campion), an old 45 (The End of The World by Skeeter Davis!) and more stuff.

    Pet, Thank You. Your comment makes my morning brighter.

  4. The light is also within you, my dear friend...

    Wish you a great weekend,


  5. Thank You, Ingrid!

    The old photo, the oval mat, that's my Mom!

  6. I do what Ruth does, looks into and asks why. I ask, what does he want to tell us and what doesn't he? Your room is so well ordered, every bit of art, your desk, even your bulletin board, even the pen on your callendar sitting so neatly and waiting, your hand in your pocket, you waiting for the shutter to its work. I see you in shadows and slats though, through the light falling through the other shutters, as though you are behind or through something. It makes me feel as though you are hiding something. Is that so wrong? Aren't we all hiding something or other, no matter how honest?

    A very interesting self portrait. I would like to hear your take on it, not just the what's in it, but the why.


  7. Erin,

    I am not really hiding anything. I was at my desk and saw the shadows fall on the wall and I thought "interesting photo."

    As a student of Art History (My degree is in Art History and English), I suppose I should have a more learned explanation. But I'll leave that to the viewers.

    I have been doing self-portraits for well over 10 years, almost on a daily basis (I have done one every day this year). I do this for two basic reasons: 1) As a daily discipline--a commitment; 2) As a documentation of my life.

    I am a very ordered and neat person. Each piece on my wall has significance, meaning. As do the books, etc. From my perspective I think I reveal much about my life; yet it is for the viewer to look closer, to dig deeper.

    With Love,



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