Saturday, February 12, 2011

One-Pointed Attention

All spiritual disciplines are done with a view to still the mind.
The perfectly still mind is universal spirit.
  – Swami Ramdas

Photo by Bruce Barone.
We become what we meditate on.
Do you meditate?
I would love to hear from you!

If you want events in your life documented or are looking for distinctive nature, portrait or wedding photography--photography with soul that inspires you
to live a more artful and beautiful life,


  1. Ohhh! I love those black and white images! Thanks for the lovely emails, you are now on my blogroll, hun!

    Hugs Ingrid :)

  2. Great quote and picture.

    Meditation? It's what feeds my muse.

    XO T

  3. I love the 3D effect cause by the fog and the mist, the poles seem to float in the air.



Our  Rhododendron has bloomed!